Thinkware T7002CH Full HD Front and rear LTE Dash cam with Live remote view

Thinkware T7002CH Full HD Front and rear LTE Dash cam with Live remote view

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Thinkware T7002CH Full HD Front and rear LTE Dash cam with Live remote view

The T700 dash cam can instantly connect to your smartphone from anywhere in the world. The Thinkware smartphone app allows for remote access to SOS warnings, live view, impact parking films, parking images, car status, and driving history. (An active 4G nano SIM card is required (not included) in order to utilise these functions, along with SMS and the internet. ONLY WORKS WITH TELSTRA & VODAFONE.

Compatible with Telstra and Vodafone 4G LTE Networks: THINKWARE CONNECTED LTE (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OPTUS)

The dash cam communicates to your smartphone in real-time from anywhere thanks to the 4G LTE technology built inside the vehicle. To use the advanced connected features of the dash camera, just insert an active nano size 4G SIM card (not included) that has SMS and internet data. Telstra and Vodafone 4G LTE networks are compatible with the Australian version (not compatible with the Optus Network).

Numerous intelligent functions are available in the mobile app NEW THINKWARE CONNECTED LTE. You may now smoothly communicate in real-time with your car. Up to five dash cams can be connected to one Thinkware Connected LTE account.

Parking Impact Video in Real Time
Receive a notification and watch the 20 second Full-HD video (10 seconds before and after the incident) on your smartphone when the dash cam detects an impact while in standard parking mode.

Distance Live View
By selecting the Live Observe button on the app's home screen, you may view your dash camera from a distance while it is in Continuous Recording Mode and Standard Parking Mode.
Up to 300 minutes of remote live view can be requested each month.
When your car is parked, Remote Live View is not available in Energy Saving Mode.

Photograph of a Parking Vehicle
Check the location of your car and its surroundings when it is in parking mode. View the position of your parked car together with a Full-HD image from your front and back cameras.

SOS Emergency Alert
In the case of a collision with significant force or when the driver activates the dash cam's SOS button, an SOS message and video will be transmitted to your emergency contact.

* A 20-second video (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the incident) and the crash's location are included in the strong impact crash notification. A 10-second video (five seconds before and five seconds after the occurrence) and the crash's location are included in the SOS recorded message.

Vehicle Information and Driving Record
Check the location of your car to see if it's parked or moving down the road.
View the details of your past driving, including the date, time, distance, route, and driving style. When the battery voltage is low, check your car's battery voltage and remotely turn off the dash camera.

Update of Remote Firmware Data
Update your dash cam remotely to improve its features, maintain peak performance, and boost stability. The download of the firmware may take several minutes, and when it is finished, you will get a push notice. To start a firmware upgrade, check the firmware download and restart the dash camera.

FAST DOWNLOADS Using the Built-In WiFi
Both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are supported by Wi-Fi connectivity for the optimum performance in various settings.

2.4GHz may be acquired from a greater distance and has a longer range. The extended range network is prefered in areas with minimal disruption because it also captures other devices.

Although 5GHz has a smaller range, it has a larger bandwidth and can deliver superior performance. The shorter range network is favoured for a less congested experience across shorter distances because it avoids interferences.

Depending on smartphone characteristics and telecoms setup, download speed and connection quality may vary.

Given the potential for telecoms environment interruptions, the 5GHz frequency may be more suited for urban areas.

The location and routes of the vehicle, as well as its driving speed, may be precisely located on the map using GPS data.
By giving you information on the vehicle speed, the direction of the collision, and the force of the hit, the GPS enables you to precisely analyse the accident's status. The dash cam not only captures footage while driving, but it can also be used to track and recall previous driving routes, whether they were for work or a vacation.

The Thinkware T700 Dash Cam becomes a five channel dash cam system when using the optional Thinkware MULTMOD Multiplexer Module. The module plugs into the dash cam's rear input and supports up to four additional cameras. In order to create a single split screen 1080P FHD video file, the captured video from the other cameras is combined with it.

Energy-saving mode in park
With the help of this feature, you may record videos for up to three times longer while using up to a third less power. The Energy Save Parking Mode automatically puts the dash cam to sleep after recording 20 seconds of footage of an impact or motion detected by the G-Sensor, which comes in handy when you're on vacation or need to leave the vehicle unattended for quite some time.

It can capture recordings from your parked vehicle for up to 16 times longer than other dash cams because it records at 2 frames per second and reduces the size of the video files. This guarantees that significant videos or pictures will be preserved in its memory for a long time.